Transaction Size: $5,000 – $74,999*

A. Completed Woodhill credit application.

B. Bank references. Copies of the front page of the last 3 months’ business checking account statements preferred.

*For Strong businesses with three years time in business we do not require financials under $150,000

Transaction Size: $75,000 – $250,000

A. A & B listed above.

B. The last two year end accountant prepared financial statements on the business including all notes, schedules and attachments.

C. If the most recent year end statement is more than six months old an interim statement on the business may be requested.

D. The last two year end personal tax returns on the business owner(s).

E. Personal financial statements on owner(s); must be signed and dated.

F. An accurate and complete equipment description, a vendor invoice or sales quote is preferred.

Transaction Size: $250,000 & Above

A. A through F above.

B. Three years’ audited business financial statements and / or business tax returns complete with all schedules, notes and attachments.

C. Three years personal tax returns on owner(s).


  1. Two years in business no financials required under $75,000. Three years under $150,000.
  2. No bankruptcies in the history of the company or principals.
  3. No outstanding tax liens, judgments or law suits against the company or its owner(s).

We will do leases with companies in business less than two years!!!

Contact your Woodhill Rep. for credit guidelines for financing to newer and to businesses with challenged credit