Need a New Fleet for Your Business?

Commercial vehicle financing & loans in Buffalo, New York

If you own a business that runs on wheels, you need all of the trucks and trailers you can get. Woodhill Capital Corporation provides vehicle financing for business owners in Buffalo, NY & across the country for their fleet needs. You can finally purchase commercial trucks and trailers for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our vehicle financing services in Buffalo, New York.

Keep the wheels turning for your business

Woodhill Capital Corporation works with all kinds of businesses. If you need trucks and trailers, we have low-rate financing options available for you. We’ve helped:

  • Delivery companies that need vans and trucks
  • Landscapers and Construction Companies who need trailers to haul equipment
  • Furniture stores and other businesses that need trucks for delivery services
  • Owner operators and trucking companies that need sleepers & trailers 

Keep your business in “drive.” Call Woodhill Capital Corporation today and crank up a conversation with our loan specialists.