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About Woodhill Capital Corp

Woodhill Capital Corp. has been in the financing business for almost 40 years We understand the need to acquire equipment for, upgrading, or to replace equipment essential for our customers daily operations. Since investing in equipment can be challenging when a business has other financial requirements , equipment financing through Woodhill can be an effective solution. We can help your company finance its equipment and technology with trusted financing solutions for your business.

Woodhill assists companies across all industries achieve success and reach their growth goals by providing quality financing options. We aim to support investments in cutting-edge technology, and to enhance liquidity, to ensure business continuity. We can provide fast credit decisions, and can provide seasonal payment plans as well. We can pre-fund vendors partially or 100% on most funded deals

Choosing the right equipment Financing company.

Choosing the right professional equipment provider is an important decision to help your business grow. Partnering with Woodhill to finance equipment offers you in depth and extensive industry experience. Please contact us via email or phone to start the application process.